Presently You Be More Comfortable with Latest creation : Pillow With a Hole For Your Glasses


Why Everyone Is Getting The LaySee Pillow?

Unique open channel configuration permits you unwind in extraordinary solace while wearing glasses!
Made from every single normal material that stays at a cool temperature, no damp with sweat face!
Ultra-delicate yet responsive materials gives unrivaled head and neck support!
The pillow spread is gentler than silk, remains cool, and has a delicate touch for touchy skin!
Removable spread is machine launderable so your pillow remains crisp and clean!
Will last 7-12 years longer than the normal pillow!
10-year Warranty
Unconditional promise!

How It Perform?

This makes a secured space that any size glasses can rest in.

The imaginative pad material changes with the unique shape of your face for greatest solace then “springs back” to its typical shape when you’re set. Think memory foam…but progressively comfortable.

This progressive pillow is ideal for anybody that wears glasses and appreciates sitting in front of the TV, relaxing around or playing on their cell phones.

LaySee Pillow Product Details

Measurements: 4.3″ H x 11.8″ L x 11.8″ W

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Materials: The fill is made of regular Latex and the spread is made of Tencel® lyocell texture.

Will The LaySee Pillow lose its shape as I use it?

No! That is what’s so extraordinary about Latex! It’s incredibly solid and “springs” back to shape after pressure. Latex pillows really can keep going for 12+ years with great consideration.

Will The LaySee Pillow be washed?

Totally! We planned the spread with a zipper on the base of the pillow to take into consideration simple expulsion and cleaning. The spread is machine launderable and the Latex can be hand washed utilizing warm water and cleanser if necessary.

Does The LaySee Pillow work with any measured glasses?

Through experimentation we have created the component of the pillow and size of the open channel to fit a wide range of estimated glasses. We haven’t go over a couple that The LaySee Pillow doesn’t work for!

The LaySee Pillow is intended to give space to your glasses while resting, evacuating any awkward weight on the head, face, and nose. The unique structure gives agreeable help without repressing your vision.

It’s ideal for relaxing exercises, for example, sitting in front of the TV, perusing, or playing on your telephone. Never again will you need to stress over agony, uneasiness, or breaking your glasses while attempting to unwind!


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