Like cancer,Corona Virus can be cured with cow dung and cow urine: Assam BJP MLA


A BJP MLA in Assam claimed cow dung could help fight coronavirus that has killed thousands worldwide.”The government is doing research on cow dung and cow urine. When cow dung is burnt, the smoke that emits has the power to destroy the virus. I believe cow dung can help fight the outbreak of coronavirus,” Hajo MLA, Suman Haripriya, told the Assembly during a discussion.

“There are specific reasons why we use cow dung and cow urine during religious rituals.She further added that cancer could be fought by following the “alternative method” vis-à-vis the use of cow dung and cow urine.

She said she had learnt about the usefulness of cow dung and cow urine and the ongoing research on them from BJP leader and Assam’s Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.The police in Assam often face a problem in keeping seized stolen cows due to lack of space.


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