Farmers in Rajasthan Village Bury Themselves Neck-Deep in Ground To Protest Against Land Acquisition


Farmers in Rajasthan’s Nindar village buried themselves neck-deep in the ground on Saturday as they began a new round of protest against the alleged land acquisition by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) for a housing project.The farmers have been demanding that their lands should be acquired as per the amended Land Acquisition Act and compensation should be awarded accordingly.

They had also hold the ‘Zameen Samadhi Satyagrah’ in January but it had to be called off as the state government guranteed them that it would address their concerns within 50 days.
‘The state government had asked for 50 days to solve the issues of farmers. As the government has failed to come on a particular decision, we have decided to start ‘Zameen Samadhi Satyagrah’ again,’ as claimed by Nagendra Singh Shekhawata, a leader of the Nindar Bachao Yuva Kisan Sangarsh Samiti.

He further added that,’It seems that the government is not serious about the issues of farmers. The chief minister himself has said that the JDA is a corrupt department and in such a situation we have no hope from it’.The farmers had also started a protest in October 2017 against the acquisition of more than 1,300 bighas of land by the JDA, with some of them even going on a hunger strike.


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