Coronavirus cases jump to 95 in India; Govt issues border control measure


The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in India jumped to over 95 on Sunday, with fresh cases from Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi and Pune. The Union Health Ministry on saturday asked people to avoid travelling to countries which are most affected by the novel virus like China, Italy, Iran, Republic of Korea, Japan, France, Spain and Germany and advised them to avoid non-essential travel abroad in view of the coronavirus outbreak.

Italy, which has been the worst affected country in Europe with huge rise in cases to more than 9,000, with more than 400 deaths so far,has put its citizens under a lockdown.The government of India has also planned strict border control measures to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak as the number of patients is rising mostly from travel history to affected countries. The fresh restrictions both for outbound and inbound travel now include major European countries including France, Spain and Germany where the virus seems to be spreading rapidly. India is also not allowing cruise ships to dock at its coast due to the virus scare.

In United States at least 1,004 people, 38 states have been confirmed to have the new coronavirus. Washington state has the most (279), followed by California (178) and New York (173).


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