Bjp is likely to clear CAB in Rajya sabha despite of protest !!


Constitution amendment bill passed in Lok Sabha. The opposition parties including congress, TMC opposing this bill led spark controversy, it is not easy for the government to pass bill in Rajysabha. All eyes on JDU and Shivsena . if the amendment bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, then a law will be made under which Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Christians and Parsis from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Parsis will get citizenship of India without any legal documents. The opposition says that the Indian constitution does not allow to discriminate against any caste, religion but BJP is violating constitution intruding constitution amendment bill which is an insult to article 14. Article 14 states that it is illegal to discriminate on religion.

Debate and discussion is going on in Rajysabha. The ruling party BJP is most likely to Pass CAB bill in Rajya sabha.central home minister amit shah moves CAB Bill in Rajya sabha. TMC leader said this government is very good in making promises and even better in breaking promises. Congress leader Jyoti Aditya Raj supported construction amendment bill and said it’s good for Indian culture. AIADMK leader said they have certain concern but supporting this bill.

The North Eastern states are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act. The impact of the protest is seen most in Assam. People have come out on the streets to protest against this bill. Several people have been injured in violent demonstrations. In view of the protest, the petrol pump, school college has been closed.


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