Yoga keeps physically and mentally fit,makes life easy.

Yoga keeps mentally fit

Yoga keeps mentally fit

Yoga keeps mentally fit. It is an ancient Indian way of life. In which the work of bringing the body, mind and soul together (yoga).people can keep body, mind and brain healthy and fit by doing yoga . Not only diseases are diagnosed through yoga, but many physical and mental problems can also be overcome by adopting it.

Yoga gives strength and make body powerful

Yoga communicates new energy in life by strengthening the immune system. Yoga keeps the body powerful and flexible as well as relieves stress which is necessary for everyday life. Yoga asanas and postures keep both body and mind functioning.

Yoga is medicine to life

Yoga is the best medicine to avoid or overcome stress. If you do pranayam in the morning, then it will not make you feel stressed for the rest of the day and will also get good sleep at night.Yoga is very beneficial for diabetes patients. Only by doing yoga once a day can you control your diabetes without taking any medicines, daily exercise reduces body fat.

Yoga gives more impact than going to gym for excercise

Let me tell you that only a particular part of the body can be exercised by the gym, but with yoga, all the parts of the body are exercised. It reduces weight more rapidly. You can also do yoga asana to improve blood circulation. For this you can do anulom-vilom. This increases the ability of the lungs to receive oxygen, thereby increasing the blood circulation due to the proper supply of oxygen in the body. Along with this, it also strengthens your bones.

Yoga is way of life in corona pandemic

Corona virus is now become parts of human life. Life never stops during such pandemic situation. To avoid stress and keeping mentally strength yourselves people do yoga in day out time. Yoga becomes part of life and world and medical science see hope in yoga


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