Why you should buy dogecoin in 2022?? Dogecoin forecast 2022

Dogecoin 2022

Dogecoin forcast 2022, prediction of dogecoin 2022

Dogecoin forcast in 2022 ,for long term prediction, i believe in technical analysis and potential of the coin. Dogecoin is most favoured by World Richest Man Tesla CEO Elon Musk.single tweet of Elon Musk has created huge buzz of dogecoin in early 2021 led dogecoin created history with all time high record and become world top ten crypto currency with market cap.Experts believe that next move of dogecoin could be of $100 billion in 2022. Dogecoin has all potential to become one of the top five crypto currency. Dogecoin community is getting more stronger and growining

Top reason to buy dogecoin in 2022

Dogecoin is available with huge discount with dip, with upcoming projects there is a reason to buy dogecoin

1. Robinhood Wallets in 2022

Robinhood crypto wallets completed Alpha testing. In just a few weeks beta will launch in January. Report suggest 30 percent of all dogecoin is in Robinhood wallets. Robinhood recently uses dogecoin to test it’s first transfer of $420.69 Doge in the upcoming crypto wallets. With such lower transition fee of dogecoin will have more new users and price of dogecoin will boom after byta in January 2022.

2. Tesla will accept dogcoin in 2022

Elon Musk is known as Doge father and promoter of dogecoin. It is belive that Elon Musk will announce dogecoin as mode of payment after nodes update. It will increase doge value beyond one dollar.

3. Doge-1 Sattelite mission

Elon Musk announces this year that he is going to send DOGE – 1 to space through SpaceX mission in 2022. Tesla has partnered with Unizen( a smart crypto exchange ecosyetm) and Geometric Engery Consumption to fund mission through Dogecoin as reports says in different media houses and experts.

4 . Dogecoin Etherum bridge in 2022

Doge transition fee is less and blockchain bridges between ETH and Dogecoin which coming early in 2022 will make smooth transition to its users

Dogecoin Price $0.1654Price
Change24h$- 0.002999
Trading Volume24h $685,314,134.24
Market Rank#11
Market Cap dogecoin

Most searched crypto currency in social media

Dogecoin is the world’s most searched crypto currency in social media and Google search engines and many people around the world keep talking about Dogecoin potential. Dogecoin ranked 4th in terms of news search and Etherum ranked 10th in global search index in 2021. Dogecoin has lower transition fee after recently dogecoin has updated it’s nodes 1.14.5.  If you are running an older Dogecoin node be sure to upgrade to the latest version.

Dogecoin is Future Currency

Dogecoin was officially launched on December 6, 2013, and it is facts that within the first 30 days, there were over a million visitors to his official website. When dogecoin was launched people laughed and said it’s just a joke or so called meme coin but Dogecoin really deserves birthday celebration, just look how far this crypto currency has come. From a joke coin to a currency of substance and world movement of change. It has been a mind blowing  transition, one that no one would have thought possible back in December 2013. Now dogecoin is top ten crypto currency of the world with lower transition fee.
Dogecoin has matured become more than its original self, a movement and a currency that billions can use, something no one could have imagined back in 2013. Dogecoin community called it as future currency.

Will dogecoin reach $1 in 2022

yes dogecoin will cross $1 mark in early quarter

When Tesla aceept dogecoin

after nodes update tesla will accept dogecoin

Dogecoin forcast 2022

dogecoin will cross 1.5 dollar in end of 2022

Will Dogecoin explode

yes doecoin will explode after announcements


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