Why is crypto is down today?? Bitcoin and dogecoin surges

Dogecoin price

crypto market is down amid bitcoin , Etherum and top altcoins crashes, dogecoin hit $0.15 and looking beaesih

Crypto market down after Bitcoin crashes in first week of January making crypto market worry, it is the second time since December bitcoin slumps led whole crypto market down. Dogecoin hits low with in one month. In 2020, when the number of covid cases started increasing, then there was a huge drop in bitcoin and the rate of bitcoin reached $3000 but after that bitcoin did not look back and when the whole world was fighting against corona then bitcoin reached its peak. Taking advantage of the opportunity from the investors, invested in bitcoin and made good profit. Today again America and other countries are troubled by omicron and new variant of corona making fluctuation in bitcoin continues since December.

Dogecoin price today

Dogecoin is looking bearish today as bitcoin crashes market is not going to recover soon, dogecoin is trading around $0.1575 in coin market cap recent data. 24 hour candle indicates it will further down and may touches 0.15 and it is bullish above $0.17 only

Rising inflation is main reason for crash

Crypto analytics belives inflation and raising rates, which lead to market crash, American banks have tightened their monetry policy. Bitcoin, dogecoin and other crypto surge occurred because the United States of America central bank indicated it might move up its timetable for raising interest rates to mid-March. The United States of America central bank is actually about to stop printing cash and build it dearer to borrow so as to steady the economy and keep rising inflation under control. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan, the country that accounts for eighteen percent of the Bitcoin network’s mining activity, witnessed a nationwide  web termination may led bitcoin crash

Bitcoin crash 2022

bitcoin crash on Jan 05 and touches $42000

Bitcoin price today

bitcoin price is $42217

Dogecoin price today

dogecoin price is $0.1572



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