Why dogecoin not bullish as expected after Elon Musk announcement , here is the reason ?

Dogecoin 2022

Elon Musk announces that tesla will accept dogecoin as a mode of payment for its merchandise, it was a huge news and doge spikes upto 30 percent with in hour but after taking spike sell off started and Dogecoin become stable after making high. Question is why uncertainty in the market, why investor or whale not making huge investment in crypto??

After making all time high in November BTC is now stable around $48000. BTC went down 30 percent since November.
U.S. producer price inflation jumps 9.6% year over year in November. experts believe bitcoin may fall further before taking its peak. Investor fear to buy dogecoin and other altcoins because of experts believe chances bitcoin may touch $30000 due to concern inflanaton fear of investing in stock market and increasing number of cases of omicron varinet


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