What makes Dogecoin for perfect crypto for 2022??


Dogecoin wider acceptance with its lower transition fee and community making it perfect crypto for 2022

Dogecoin is people crypto and dogecoin lovers celebrating and announcing dogecoin as future currency of the earth,last week was very good for dogecoin. Dogecoin is gaining popularity day by day and it’s acceptance is now growing .

What makes dogecoin the perfect crypto

Fast block chain times.

Dogecoin run by its own blockchain with high utility, developers is working and modifying and updating its node for fast transition with its lower fee

low transaction fees

Elon Musk advocated that dogecoin has lower transition fee, in mode of transition he favours dogecoin over Bitcoin, earlier he mention dogecoin has lower transition fee than Etherum.

Smart contracts .(coming with Doge-ETH bridge.)

It will help to reduce high transition fee of Etherum and Etherum transition fee can be transfer with help of dogecoin

Businesses Accepting it as a medium of exchange.(Tesla, AMC, Dallas Mavs)

Wider acceptance has dogecoin can be seen, first tesla accepted dogecoin for its merchandise, then second Nexon USA a gaming giant across America accepted dogecoin to buy inbuilt games and now next is AMC and many mores to come

A strong community

Dogecoin community is getting stronger , if we look out Elon Musk have 66 Million followers who advocates dogecoin and supporting it in large scale and people pours love for dogecoin making it more strong

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