Whale increases dogecoin holding by 6.3 millions coin during dip.


A Large Dogecoin Investor Has Increased Theirs Holdings By About 6.3 Million DOGE, dogecoin is people currency

Dogecoin is world  most searched crypto currency of the world. When the world is talking about doge and every holders and traders knows it’s true potential. Elon Musk who owns dogecoin and promotes dogecoin have some positive aspects about dogecoin. Many project coming up in 2022 which can turn dogecoin into gold. Robinhood wallets, ETH bridge, SpaceX and many more to come. It is predicted and can be seen that whale buying dogecoin.

Recently Whale Buys 6.3 Million Dogecoin’s Worth $1.1 Million During the Dip. When dogecoin fall $0.13 on Dec 4, side way trading of dogecoin by whale at dip has increases their  holding by almost 6.3 Million dogecoin. Whale or large investors knows which coin has its true potential while buying in dip. According to whale tracker anonymous byer purchased 6,369,751 DOGE, worth $1,114,337, as Dogecoin traded around the $0.17 level.

Elon Musk who promotes dogecoin surged 17000% during first four month in 2021. Dogecoin still remains 5450 percent high by now and touched all time high $0.731 may this year. 2022 will be doge year as whale and traders expecting it will break all time high record and chances to become wolrd top five crypto currency with its market cap

2022 is knocking with two important project which is going to make crypto currency more powerful and it may be touch $3 to 5$ in next 6 to 8 months according to experts. SpaceX launching doge-1 satellite in Q1 2022 and Tesla soon accept doge as a payment before Q1 as doge ETH bridge is launching in January end.


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