Top quotes on dogecoin birthday, join the party and make doge community strong !!


Today is dogecoin 8th birthday and social media and dogecoin lovers makes this day more special with beautiful wishes

1.First dogecoin creator Billy Musk says 2021 was the second strangest year of my life, only eclipsed by 2013. The year dogecoin was born. Happy 8th birthday to you, cryptocurrency plus funny yellow doge

2. Happy birthday Doge with the span of
8 years and who knows what the currency of the future will bring? Happy birthday to the entire Dogecoin community. Other crypto are driven purely by short term speculation, Dogecoins hodlers are in for the long run!

3.Happy Birthday Dogecoin & thank you so much BillyMusk for its creation! You unknowingly changed the world for the better & all while in your underwear! Proof that anything is possible!!

4.Today is Dogecoin’s birthday. 8 years ago today, at this exact hour, the genesis block of Dogecoin was mined, and this fun adventure began.

5. Happy 8th Birthday to Dogecoin !So much awesomeness to come

  • Bitpay / Verifone partnership 
  • Robinhood Wallets
  • AMC to accept $Doge 
  • Doge-Eth Bridge
  • Doge space mission
  • and much more!


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