Tesla merch went out of stock with Dogecoin!! Users want something big from Elon


tesla merch went out of stock with Elon Musk revealed accepting doge for some merch. Dogecoin holder’s celebrated the day with joy

Elon Musk revealed on a twitter that Tesla merch is available with dogecoin, some product went out of stock with in a few hours, dogecoin community played a very important role to keep doge things High, most of the dogecoin holders celebrated with acceptance of doge with buying merch and posting meme which was trending on twitter

Dogecoin community demand’s tesla to accept dogecoin for vehicles

Tesla also made clear that they only accept dogecoin, if any one try to send or buy any product with other crypto currency, coin may be burnt/lost and will not return . Tesla merch product went out of stock with in one day. Many users believe people want to buy a Tesla car with their Doge not a T-Shirt or a coffee mug. They are requesting Elon Musk to allow them to buy tesla car with dogecoin, dogecoin price spikes 13 percent with a tweet of Elon Musk yesterday. Experts believe if Elon goes all in all with dogecoin for tesla product then market value of dogecoin will increase. Elon Musk opens market for crypto currency to use coin instead of dollar or currency. Dogecoin is known as future currency of the earth. If more brands will accept dogecoin then it may hit one dollar with a span of time

These products which users can buy with dogecoin

It is also true that Elon Musk single tweets can affect the whole crypto market, dogecoin surges twenty percent after the tweet. The tesla merch products are available with dogecoin are the Cyberwhistle, Giga Texas Belt Buckle  and Cyberquad for kids .

Can u buy tesla car with dogecoin

no tesla accepts only a dogecoin for some merchandise product

Tesla accepts bitcoin ??

No, Tesla accepts only dogecoin



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