Mining ban impacts on crypto currency and dogecoin price today

Dogecoin price

Bitcoin mining ban impacts dogecoin and other crypto currency. Europe, Iran, Kazakhstan and others countries Engery Consumption went high

Bitcoin crashes back to back second time in an exceedingly week makes market Down, mining ban impacts dogecoin, investors pull out with negative news from Europe and  Kazakhstan. when China Ban on Bitcoin Mining, several huge Miners Shifted from China to Asian country. Republic of Kazakhstan is that the second largest Bitcoin Mining country. Republic of Kazakhstan Protest result in  conclusion  of Country web Service that lead to Decline of Bitcoi.n by 15%. crypto currency mining  virtually consumed enough of Republic of Kazakhstan power that it inflated the worth resulting in  multiple deaths from physical change  ANd an conflict against the govt. as per native reports and  currently  Europe ban bitcoin mining suggesting crypto mining consumed a lot of  electricity.  Asian nation conjointly obligatory bitcoin mining for 3 months, of these recent thread on bitcoin crash. Dogecoin and other cryto currency surge after ban

Dogecoin price and forcast

Dogecoin follows bitcoin and it’s crashes with bitcoin upto $0.1477 and  currently it’s stable at $0.152 and it looks bearish, dogecoin is bullish above at $0.17 and bearish at $0.145. it is estimated that dogecoin can hit $0.28 in next bull run

Why crypto is down

ban on mining led crypto down

Dogecoin price today

dogecoin price is 0.152 dollar



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