Many dogecoin holders liquidated in BTC Crash, here is the reason


When Bitcoin crashes, most of the future and margin traders were liquidated within an hour. Dogecoin holders were most suffered in this crash. Whole world and each dogecoin holders thought that dogecoin will hit one dollar, and they keep waited since May. In month of May dogecoin price was around $0.60 to 0.70$. With the effect of Elon Musk many traders have entered in margin trading in between 0.40 to 0.60. a massive crash of Bitcoin and dogecoin in may led dogecoin price around $0.20 to $0.24, Since last eight month all other altcoins after the crash have jumped 4 to 5 times or more but dogecoin was still very low at 0.20, all traders were keep waiting that miracles happen and Elon Musk and Whales will take dogecoin to the moon and beyond one dollar but nothing happened. But Massive BTC Crash on yesterday led many dogecoin holders liquidated at it reaches eight month low at $0.13 and now it is stable at 0.17 dollar, Many Americans were liquidated as most of the people in America gold dogecoin in margin and waited dogecoin since May to reach it to one dollar. When erlier btc pump upto 47000 dollar to 69000 dollar that time to dogecoin has no much effect and it was down but when BTC crashes then dogecoin too crashed massively.


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