List of originating/passing express trains from Saharsa jn

Saharsa railway station
Saharsa railway station

Saharsa jn consists of five platform, saharsa jn comes under Samastipur division of East Central railway.

Saharsa jn is one of the second biggest station after Samastipur railway station

List of mail/express trains

15531/Saharsa – Amritsar Jansadharan Express (Via Chandigarh) weekly train
Time- 3:16 AM ( Sunday)

15283/Janki Express( Daily)
Manihari to Jayngar
Time- 3:28 AM

18625/Kosi Super Express(Daily)
Purnea court to Hatia
Time-4:36 AM

02563/Saharsa – New Delhi Clone Special(Daily)
Time- 5 AM

12553/Vaishali SF Express (Daily)
Saharsa to New Delhi
Time-6.46 AM

12567/Saharsa – Patna Rajya Rani SF Express( Daily)
Time- 7:15 AM

15284/Janki Express( Daily)
Jaynagar to Manihari
Time- 10:55 AM

15279/Poorabiya Express (PT) ( Sunday )
Time- 11:37 AM

13227/Saharsa – Rajendra Nagar Terminal InterCity Express ( daily except Sunday)
Time- 12:20 PM

13164/Hate Bazare Express (via Mansi)
Saharsa to Sealdah
( Daily except Wednesday and Friday)
Time- 2:15 PM

12203/Saharsa – Amritsar Garib Rath Express( Sunday, Monday and Thursday)
Time- 2:32 PM

15529/Saharsa – Anand Vihar Terminal Jan Sadharan Express (Wednesday)
Time- 2:32 PM

13170/Hate Bazare Express (via Purnea)
Saharsa to Sealdah
(Wednesday and Friday)
Time- 2:50 PM

22914/Saharsa – Bandra Terminus Humsafar Express( Tuesday)
Time- 5:15 PM

18626/Kosi Super Express ( Daily)
Hatia to purnea court
Time- 10:00 PM

13205/Janhit Express ( Daily)
Saharsa to Patliputra
Time- 11:00 PM


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