Johnson conservatives party returned in power in Britain. All eyes on Brexit deal !!


The results of general elections have come in Britain. The Democratic Party has returned to power once again. In the general elections held in Britain, the Labor Party suffered a crushing defeat. The conservatives Party needed 326 seats for a majority of the elections in 650 seats. 642 seats have been won and Boris Johnson’s conservatives Party has won 358 seats. The same Labor Party has got 203 seats.PM Modi congratulated the Conservative Party for the victory. Indian Prime Minister Modi tweeted and congratulated to PM Boris Johnson for returning with a strong majority. He wished him all the best and look forward to working together for India-UK relation. American President Trump congratulated Boris Johnson on his great win in general elections.

Earlier exit poll also shows that Johnson Conservatives party is returing in power with full majority. In share market pound sterling jump two percent more than dollar British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that Britain is the greatest democracy in the world, thanks to all those who voted for us.With the victory of the Conservatives Party, Britain will exit the European Union and move quickly on the path of Brexit. Prime Minister Johnson wants to separate Britain from the European Union, so the British people again gave Johnson a chance to return in power and get Brexit done.


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