Facebook will pay you $5 for your own voice recordings


Facebook announced that it will pay some users the access their recordings. Facebook is calling its new program ‘Pronunciations’.Users who qualify to be a part of the Pronunciation program will be able to earn points in the Viewpoints app, which could be then translated to actual money. As per the report, users will have to say the phrase ‘Hey Portal’ followed by the first name of a friend from their friends-list. Users will be able to do this with the names of up to 10 friends.

You can make lots of money using this feature. If you complete one set of recordings, you will get 200 points in the Viewpoints app. You will be able to cash out the points only when it reaches 1,000 points and that only translates to $5 reward via PayPal. You will need to make at least five sets of recordings to get to the 1000 point goal and get paid.According to the report, the Pronunciations program will be available to US users only who are above the age of 18 and have more than 75 Facebook friends.

Facebook says that if the new feature is made available for a user, he or she won’t need to update the Viewpoints app to see it pop up.Also, the company says that the voice recordings provided by the users will not be connected to their Facebook profiles.


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