Elon Musk endorses dogecoin agian and here is secret message ??


Elon Musk endorses dogecoin agian
and here is secret message, Elon Musk favourite crypto currency is dooge..

Tesla CEO and world richest man Elon Musk is supporter of dogecoin and he always stood with cryptocurrency, and he just said how future of dogecoin would be in hidden code before that people need to know about dogecoin. dogecoin was invented in 2013 by software enginners Billy Markus and Jackson parmer, they created a meme coin called doge substitute of bitcoin for payment gateway, since seven years now dogecoin is world top ten cryptocurrency with huge market cap.

Elon Musk promots doge oevr Etherum and said dogecoin can be use as Decentralised Finance ( DeFi) more accessible to everyone, which means Elon Musk wants every crypto currency holders to take custody of their keys and not rely on crypto currency exchanges , wallets like Binance, Robinhood and others, dogecoin can be used as fully decentralised finance system with lower transition fee. DeFi does not rely on any financial intermediaries likes bank, exchanges etc. Etherum with high transition fee is not accessible to small traders due to high transition fee and dogecoin can be accessible to evry cryptocurrency holders due to lower transition fee.


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