Dogecoin whale trading activity shoot up this week, 5.4 billion doge transferred to unknown wallet


dogecoin activities shoot up after Elon Musk announcemet, whales activities increases in dogecoin mining

Dogecoin has become talk of the town after announcemnt. Elon Musk announced this week tesla going to accept dogecoin for some merchandise, after that whale activity has increased by 148 percent this week. Dogecoin valuation has gone up high on 40 percent on December 14. Large number of whale buying and selling dogecoin and making huge profit in this senerio. Positive sentiment of dogecoin leading more number of users investing in dogecoin. it is pointed out on twitter that total of $973 million dollars (5.4 Billion $Doge) was transferred to 2 separate wallets. The total transition fee during transfer is 4.49 DOGE or 71 cents only.

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Elon Musk in an interview after he was selected as times person of the year. He said bitcoin is good but if we look out at transition fee dogecoin is better than Bitcoin and other crypto currency. Recently Tesla CEO Elon Musk has sold 934,091 shares of Tesla, and buzz is circulating that he may go all in dogecoin. According to report 83 percent of billionaire holds crypto currency tokens. If Elon Musk makes some announcemnt whale activity may shoot up in 2022


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