Dogecoin market value is worth $30 billion, next year will be doge year.


Dogecoin is one of the most searched coin in America and it’s fact that dogecoin becomes sensation is 2021 and whole world is talking about it. Dogecoin is the top 10 crypto currency of the world with market cap of $30 billion. Experts believe that next move of dogecoin could be of $100 billion in 2022. Dogecoin has all potential to become one of the top five crypto currency.

2022 is knocking with two important project which is going to make crypto currency more powerful and it may be touch $3 to 5$ in next 6 to 8 months according to experts. SpaceX launching doge-1 satellite in Q1 2022 and Tesla soon accept doge as a payment before Q1 as doge ETH bridge is launching in January end.


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