Dogecoin is more promising than ever, here is huge case study which suprise world


Dogecoin is more promising than ever, here is huge case study which suprise world, 2022 seems win win situation for Dogecoin holders

Dogecoin is looking more promising than ever, every dogecoin holders waiting for pump and they took Elon Musk as a guarantee to make dogecoin as one of the best crypto currency of the world.
Elon Musk who have dogecoin and always stood with Dogecoin holders, he knows and time to time he use to keep telling that Dogecoin is people’s currenecy. He just simply want that Dogecoin grows by its own because dogecoin has potential. As we have seen that Dogecoin nodes are updated and transition fee is too low now. It’s not just a small thing, now every corner of the world talking about Dogecoin. Many strategist and traders keep asking why dogecoin is not moving to dollar or more than that there is simple reason is that the behavior of the Bitcoin which keeps going up and down. Ethereum and Dogecoin Primed for Breakouts As Crypto Markets Gear Up for Bullish December, says Analyst Justin Bennett.the very next move will lead dogecoin to dollar is blockchain bridges between ETH and Dogecoin which is coming in January 2022. There is speculation that after that Elon Musk will announce dogecoin spacex mission and before that Tesla is going to accept dogecoin

Here dogecoin next move will lead dogecoin to 10$ in 2022

  1. Robinhood Wallets
  2. Verifone partnership with Bitpay
  3. AMC begins DOGE payments
  4. Doge-Ethereum Bridge
  5. Doge update 1.14.5
  6. Tesla Accepts Dogecoin
  7. DOGE-1 mission to Moon paid for completely in Dogecoin
  8. Dogecoin VISA Credit Card


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