Dogecoin is future currency and it is beyond a dollar coin


Dogecoin is calm and ready to move ahead beyond one dollar, many strategist belive it will surprise world

After the Bitcoin crash yesterday altcoins sharply decreases. Dogecoin sharply down atleast ten percent. Many dogecoin holders across the globe still believe that in December dogecoin may hits beyond 1$ and beyond, there is theroy behind it after may when dogecoins was in its peak and then all altcoins down sharply but dogecoin is still stable after six months. Recently doge developers updated Doge Node 1.14.5 Update secures the Doge Core Network for more projects to implement Doge, notably Robinhood Wallets & Tesla to accepting doge . This makes it possible for millions of transactions a day at little with no cost for users. Every dogecoin holders knows that Elon Musk is there to support for each and every Dogecoin holders, in recent spat with Binance Elon Musk stands with Dogecoin community makes clear that he has some huge plans for Dogecoins. Next move is Space X programme, doge coin mission to space will lead dogecoin beyond 1$


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