Can dogecoin hit $1 in 2022? See how it possible???


Wolrd is concerning about dogecoin hit $1 in 2022 or not. Dogecoin reached all time high in may this year and why world is expecting to do this happen again

Will Dogecoin hit $1 in 2022 is major concern. If we look out year 2021, we can definitely say that dogecoin is the most popular crypto currency of the year, search engine also indicate that people in America talk and search most of the thing about dogecoin. Year is ending with few positive notes that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk who is currently world richest person favours dogecoin has announce that his company Tesla is going to accept dogecoin for some merchandise and second thing is USA and wolrd gaming giant Nexon USA has announce that his company is going to accept dogecoin, as year is ending with DOGE people across the globe have one question in mind will dogecoin hit one dollar next year.

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Dogecoin grows 15200% this year in first five month. Dogecoin reaches its peak in may and registered in the list of top ten crypto currency according to market cap. After reaching its peak it’s fell off after SNL night of Elon Musk in may and now it is 400 percent down and now dogecoin trading around $0.17. according to reports every day $14 million doge coin mines every day.

Elon Musk said that for transition he favours dogecoin rather than Bitcoin, the transition fee of dogecoin is very less as compared to others. If we think to dogecoin to reach one dollar, for that market value of dogecoin would be $133 billion. Dogecoin can reach $1 only if it’s market value crosses the mark $133 billion next after Bitcoin and Etherum. If dogecoin did that it will be top three crypto currency with market value. For reaching this goal, dogecoin need wide acceptance such as Smart contract, NFT and other resources.

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