BTC crashes, how dogecoin is effected and pattern showing massive breakout is coming???


Btc crashes after bullish indication on monthly closing. During first weekend of December it’s seems bearish and led other altcoins down. We have seen a pattern from last Six or eight month that when BTC is bullish then no much effect on altcoins but if BTC crashes then altcoins crashes massively. If we talk about dogecoin it is stable around 0.19 to 0.22 dollar from last two or three months, it means selling pressure in dogecoin is high around 0.20 and this selling pressure not led dogecoin to move ahead with BTC pump. Dogecoin needs to cross 0.35 to 0.40 dollar to make it bullish. Once dogecoin crosses it limit or show bullish then it is ready to break it’s all time high record, form last six months doge coin is stable and major investments are concentrating around 0.20 dollar to 0.25 dollar. it is need to break this resistance to make doge coin bullish.


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