Bitcoin Crosses $50k, dogecoin and altcoins season may begins before Christmas


BTC crosses 50k marks today , it will slightly move up towards resistance level

bitcoin plunged upto 42k in first week of December and after taking correction it was stable around $49k around Monday. And later on it was sharply decrease around 47 thousand US dollar. Such volatile behavior of Bitcoin led all other altcoins sharply down upto 5 to 10%. But we know that Bitcoin has taken major correction after getting low. Bitcoin potential breakout seems around $50k. BTC just crosses that level and it is believe that btc is going to break all time high record before Christmas. After BTC took correction all other altcoins have positive sign and move ahead with 5 to 15% growth.

Matic : Matic Network is one of the prominent crypto currency move to 15.5 percent growth in 24 hrs with 2.24 US dollar price

SUSHI: SUSHI coin move to 6.21 US Dollar in 24 hr with 13.5 percent growth

STORJ: STORJ moves to 1.8 US dollar in 24 hr with 10.6 percent growth

Dogecoin: Dogecoin moves to 0.18 US dollar with 5 percent growth in 24 hr

BTC closed bullish today and it should be moving towards the $53,000 resistance target zone.


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