Binance resumes dogecoin withdrwals after Elon Musk intervention


Binance resumes dogecoin withdrwals after Elon Musk intervention, now it’s doge holders time to make a bull run

Finally Binance fully opens withdrawal of dogecoin after spat between Elon Musk and Binance CEO. After the spat Binance CEO had promised to resolve issue of dogecoin soon for traders. Many traders had complained earlier that binance is creating problem while withdrawing dogecoin from their wallet. Elon Musk stood as a protector for dogecoin holders. After Binance has fully opens dogecoin withdrwals many dogecoin holders says it is better to store your crypto in a cold wallet and don’t leave them on exchanges to be lend out to shorters of Dogecoin. The small amount of money you make does not benefit Doge price in the long run.


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